Nitrogen generator

   Nitrogen generator is another component of the equipment for fruit storage. The generator obtains nitrogen from the air and collects it into the pressurized container. Nitrogen is distributed through the pipes into individual boxes and when the level of oxygen in the stored area needs to be reduced, the generator turns on automatically.


The main advantages of the GNA nitrogen generator:

  • advanced PSA technology, simple and trouble-free solution
  • favorable price-performance ratio
  • overpressure in the chamber helps maintain low concentration of oxygen in the case there is a leak in the chamber
  • low power consumption
  • easy switching between the two nitrogen purity levels
  • use of active filter with the greatest efficiency and quality
  • small size


Nitrogen generators are supplied according to the calculated required power for a given application, from 10 m3/hr to 65 m3/hr at 99% nitrogen purity.

Photo Gallery

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