Ozone generator

Description of the equipment

   The installation consists of the ozone generator and a system for measuring and control of the amount of ozone in the chamber.

Ozone generator supplies the chamber with ozone until the required concentration is achieved.


Benefits of storage in ozone:

  • prevention of the development of rot, mold and other diseases
  • short-term extension of the storage, primarily of summer fruits
  • maintenance of the fruit quality at higher storage temperatures (saves energy, prevents sweating after removal)
  • chambers for storage do not have to be gas-tight
  • possibility to enter the chambers at any time without limitations (storage atmosphere is not harmful to humans)
  • slowdown of ripening (by eliminating ethylene)
  • no chemical residues

Photo Gallery

  • Ozone generator GO5FOX - 5g O3 / 24 hod.