Portable O2 and CO2 gas analyzer

   Portable analyzer of O2 (oxygen) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used to measure atmospheric concentration in fruit warehouses with controlled atmosphere (ULO). The analyzer is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which allows for measurements through control valves of the storage door, independently of the power supply.




  • immediate check of measured values independently of the values measured by an automatic system
  • elimination of potential damage of the stored fruit and thus losses due to power failure or inaccuracies of the measurements by
  • an automatic measuring system
  • low purchase price compared to the price of the stored product
  • possibility of measurement of the controlled atmosphere even in case of power failure
  • high accuracy (accuracy to 2 decimal places)
  • long life of both sensors
  • the device is equipped with a compressor for intake of the measured samples
  • the possibility of basic calibration in normal atmosphere


Basic specifications:

Measurement of oxygen

O2 measuring range 0…25%
Accuracy 0.5% ME
Oxygen sensor: zirconia
Lifetime of the sensor: about 20,000 hours

Measurement of CO2

CO2 measuring range 0 .30 %
Accuracy 1.0%
Sensor: IR Pyroelectric
Lifetime of the sensor: about 5 years

Other specifications

Graphic LCD 128 × 64
Air filter
Outputs 2x analog 4 to 20 mA
IP65 protection
Dimensions: 260 mm H x 150 mm W x 60 mm D
Weight: 1,550 kg

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