ELKAP Ltd. provides the following maintenance service:



  • inspection and repair of refrigerators
  • refilling of refrigerant, oil
  • inspection and replacement of filter elements
  • leak test of the circuit and repairs
  • inspection of protection condition and functions
  • inspection of operating fluids
  • calibration of temperature sensors
  • overall functional test



  • calibration of O2 and CO2 analyzers
  • inspection and adjustment of the nitrogen generator, N2 purity
  • inspection and adjustment of CO2 absorber
  • inspection and testing of all components
  • measurement and repair of gas tightness of ULO chambers
  • pre-season control including calibration reports
  • overall functional test




  • Inspection of all electrical components and their appropriate replacement
  • Modifications and corrections of the KOYO PLC
  • Modifications and corrections of the visualization software
  • and more. . .

GREEFA sorting lines:


  • calibration
  • software settings
  • mechanical repairs


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